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Sarah - Beyond Paralysis


Sarah, is a young German, who at the age of 18, had a serious accident.
For more than 13 years, although she was able to move and walk, she suffered from severe paralysis which prevented her from speaking or even feeling her body.

During all these years, she traveled in Europe as a Sound Healer. Playing the piano and other instruments.

Her body being deprived of sensations, she developed her spirituality, by meditating and being silent within herself. It is his refuge, oppressed by the outside physical world unsuited to his life with paralysis.
To survive psychologically, she puts herself in contact with guides - beings of light - protected by animal-totems, speaks a language of "light".
She interacts with beings who are on the "other side of the veil", in the invisible world of energies, shamanic spirits.

She finds peace in nature and around animals. She lives on the fringes of the modern world, of the "Babylon system" as she calls it. Eat little or just vegan. She does not use the plane, does not enter in all the supermarkets, avoids the GAFA and their control over our minds and informations. She preaches the good ecological word.

A month before our meeting - via Instagram - she began to gradually regain her feelings as well as the use of speech. She wanted to start a documentary about her paralysis and her very difficult return to "normal" life.

The video and photos were taken during a very cold and gray weekend in a strange and dark castle in the south of France.

In the background of her story, she plays the grand piano in the semi-darkness of a freezing night, in the crypt of this castle, with a stuffed lion to her right and a cage hanging from the high ceiling to her left.

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Photography & Videos : Professional Event-  Lifestyle – Editorial
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