Sacha Federovsky,


senior photographer combining the professions of Art Director, Graphic Designer and Freelance Videographer, has been doing this activity for more than 15 years. Of Ukrainian origin, Sacha has traveled a lot around the world, for his artistic and professional projects.

This photographer has followed a long training in the human sciences and in the Arts (sociology, anthropology and media sciences), known various experiences in agencies, in several European countries and in the United States, for large international accounts or SMEs, local craftsmen and auto-entrepreneurs.
Sacha Federovsky speaks French and English, which greatly facilitates communication with clients from all walks of life.

Based in the south of France and London, this photographer takes charge of projects throughout Occitania, France and internationally. Sacha is an expert in different categories and themes such as real estate (Airbnb or luxury style, sale or vacation rental), food (restaurant, cookbook, etc.), portraits, events and corporate (trombinoscope, reportage companies, parades) as well as to immortalize the most beautiful moments of individuals (couple, bachelorette party, wedding, pregnancy and birth), and their personal projects such as nudes or lingerie.
It is said of him that he listens to his clients and their expectations, that he works with confidence and is very responsive. Whether for professional clients, with whom he carefully establishes an action plan for the promotion of their products or their activity, as well as for individuals who have specific needs and requirements.
Passionate and creative, Sacha Federovsky brings a unique artistic side, if his client needs it. This photographer has indeed an important artistic activity that he has been able to develop over the course of his human experiences around the globe. He exhibits regularly in France and beyond.
Finally, it has high-end equipment and a complete mobile studio to take photos and videos on your premises, at home, and even outside.

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